ZPCI Leader

The leader of the ZPCI, as seen in the endgame cutscene of Sonny 2.

ZPCI (Zombie Pest Control Incorporated) is a fictional organization in Sonny and Sonny 2. Its members are dedicated to keeping the zombie population under control. They do this mainly by protecting the general public from zombies and by hunting down and killing as many as possible. They are the main antagonistic faction of the game.

Undercover, however, the ZPCI will resort to any measures to keep in business, including murdering and/or kidnapping anyone involved in research of a cure for zombification. An example of this is their extermination of everyone on the White November research ship at the beginning of Sonny. It is also implied that they experimented on people in order to create stronger zombies. At the same time, they also seem to rule the citizen with an iron fist and force them to pay unnecessary high tax as well as setting puppet government to do their dirty work in this case is Boris Livingstone. They are also extremely ruthless in crushing rebellion from the citizen when one of the high-ranking official suggests to initiate a nuclear strike against the rebels to set the example for anyone dare to oppose them.

Almost all ZPCI soldiers use rifles of one kind or another. The two exceptions to this are the ZPCI Captain, whom Sonny encounters while attempting to escape from the White November research ship and Galiant the Paladin, both of whom used two-handed swords, but can somehow both fire ranged attacks, possibly lasers.

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