Withdrawal Animation Sonny 2 1

Withdrawal Animation.

Withdrawal is an active ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Attack the enemy for X% of your Strength, Instinct, and Speed, but dispels X harmful Poison effects from the enemy. Also grants you Health and Focus regeneration for a short time, and makes all healing cast on you 300% more effective.


Deals damage to an enemy and places a buff on you for 3 turns.


Withdrawal: This unit is regenerating Health and Focus over time. All healing spells and effects on this target are 300% more effective.

Restores 20 Focus and heals 190% Strength.


  • Tier 1: Damage foe with 80% of your Strength, Instinct, and Speed and dispels 6 debuffs from it
  • Tier 2: Damage foe with 120% of your Strength, Instinct, and Speed and dispels 5 debuffs from it
  • Tier 3: Damage foe with 180% of your Strength, Instinct, and Speed and dispels 4 debuffs from it
  • Tier 4: Damage foe with 260% of your Strength, Instinct, and Speed and dispels 3 debuffs from it


Corrosion+Toxicant Form+Shadow Blend+Agile Exposure+Withdrawal, if all attribute points are spent on speed, this will deal massive damage.

Withdrawal never misses, and therefore useful when striking at a target with few points left as a guaranteed kill.


  • As most shadow abilities seem to target the mind, this ability may be a reference to the mental condition of withdrawal from a medicinal drug, and this ability causes that condition on an enemy, the uses must then recover health and focus similar to how Schadenfreude does.
  • The A.I. ability Withdrawal is nearly identical, but has a much longer cooldown.
  • Blood Strike's icon has a recolor to this ability.
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