White November
S1 WN ZoneThe roaming mode screenBurning White NovemberThe White November burning, as seen from the shore on the next level, Ishiguro's Rest
Game Sonny
Level Zone 1 of 4
Type Story Zone (accessible to all players)
Next Zone Ishiguro's Rest
Zone Boss ZPCI Medic, ZPCI Captain, ZPCI Assault

The White November - 08 is the research ship on which the story begins, and is the setting of Zone 1 in the first game. The scientists on board were attempting to develop a cure for zombification and, judging from the fact that Louis was able to restore the zombified Sonny's intelligence and human emotional capacity, they almost certainly succeeded to an extent.


Sonny wakes up at the beginning of the first game on the ship, having just been brought back to life by his friend Louis as a zombie. He cannot, however, remember anything of his life before death, suffering from something similar to amnesia. He and Louis fight their way across the ship through the zombified remains of the crew, aiming to find a speedboat and escape. As they reach the speedboat hangar, however, they run into a ZPCI squad, sent to kill everyone aboard the ship to stop the research. One of the ZPCI soldiers shoots Louis and, in a vengeful frenzy, Sonny kills them all. As Louis lies dying in Sonny's arms, he gives Sonny a tape, saying that it might be able to help him. Louis then breathes his last, and Sonny escapes on a speedboat as the ship is searched by the ZPCI.


Stage 1
Minimum level: 1
Metabii - Level 1
No Drops

Stage 2
Minimum level: 1
Metabii - Level 2
No Drops

Stage 3
Minimum level: 2
Metabii - Level 2 Metabii - Level 1
Stage Drops:
S1 Engineering Gloves Engineering Gloves (100%)

Stage 4
Minimum level: 2
Metabii - Level 2 Zombie - Level 1
No Drops

Stage 5
Minimum level: 2
Zombie - Level 2 Zombie - Level 2
No Drops

Stage 6
Minimum level: 3
Metabii - Level 2 Metabii - Level 2 Zombie - Level 2
No Drops

Stage 7 (Zone Boss)
Minimum level: 3
ZPCI Medic - Level 5 ZPCI Captain - Level 5 ZPCI Assault - Level 5
Stage Drops:
S1 M7-V Rifle M7-V Rifle (50%) S1 ZPCI Blade ZPCI Blade (50%)
Enemy gets automatic first turn (Medic kills Louis the Blind, other two pass).
All teammates are removed from party when repeating this battle.


White November Shop Sonny 1 1

The shop of the first zone in Sonny 1

"This is the ship's supply vending machine. Insert un-wanted items into the yellow slot for re-cycling."

Item Name

Item Icon Price Stats In-Game Description In-Game Appearance

Fire Axe

(Lvl. 1 Primary Arms)

S1 Fire Axe

Buy: €40

Sell: €10

Strength +6 Use in the case of an emergency.
S2 Fire Axe Image


(Lvl. 1 Primary Arms)

S1 Crow Bar

Buy: €30

Sell: €8

Strength +4 This is more than just a weapon... it is the symbol of a hero.
S2 Crow Bar Image

Navy Boots

(Lvl. 1 Footwear)

S1 Navy Boots

Buy: €12

Sell: €3

Strength +1

Speed +1

S1 Navy Boots Image

White T-Shirt

(Lvl. 1 Bodywear)

S1 White T-Shirt

Buy: €12

Sell: €3 

Vitality +1 100% Cotton
S2 White T-Shirt Image

Roaming Mode TextEdit

  • A Safety Floating Device: "Only one person can fit into this. Are you really going to abandon the poor disabled man that saved your life, you selfish twat? Better try find a speed boat to escape."
  • A Beautiful Sunset: "The most beautiful, romantic sunset you've ever seen... Too bad you can't stay to watch it."
  • Land: "You're close to land! If you can get to a speed boat, you can probably make it out alive."


  • The White November is the only place in the game where Metabiis are encountered. Louis says that they used to be the crew of the ship. It is possible they are at an early stage of zombification or did not fully form due to exposure to the cure discovered.
  • The name is likely a reference to the titular submarine from The Hunt for Red October.
  • The tutorial level of Sonny 2 seems to take place here.
  • The Crowbar found in the shop could be a reference to Half-Life's protagonist, Gordon Freeman.
  • This is the only story zone doesn't have training fight mode.
  • Considering that the words "WN-08" is on the Ship's floor, this could suggest that the White November is the 8th research ship made for whatever reason.

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