Warm Neurology is a passive ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Increases your maximum Focus by X, but also increases the damage you receive by X%.


Maximum Focus heightened, but defense is lowered.


  • Tier 1: Maximum Focus increased by 10 and damage received by 5%
  • Tier 2: Maximum Focus increased by 20 and damage received by 10%
  • Tier 3: Maximum Focus increased by 30 and damage received by 15%
  • Tier 4: Maximum Focus increased by 40 and damage received by 20%


The key of Hot Hydraulic playing is huge direct damage not based in piercing. The Remaining Focus Multiplier hugely increases your damage, which makes this passive buff a must-have on your tree if playing this way. However, mind the heavy damage taken: counter it with healings (Restore is incredibly good, as it replenishes your focus too) or with high health.


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