For the similar ability used by Sonny, see Vicious Strike.

Vicious Strike is an A.I. exclusive ability in Sonny 2.


Damages target with 140% of caster's Strength and Speed and heals the caster for 3 turns. Critical chance increased by 3.1.


Cannibal Blood: This unit is being healed for 3% of its maximum Health each turn. This effect has a 10% chance to resist being dispelled.



This is the Vicious Strike (Enemy Skill) animation:

Vicious Strike Shunny


  • This ability is functionally identical to Sonny's Vicious Strike, differing only in appearance: while Sonny's version uses a jumping melee animation, this one uses a standard animation. It likely only exists to avoid coding a jumping melee animation for the Tunnel Beast. If it uses Sonny's version, it will go to the opponent and not move, similar to when Gregor is using Terrify.
  • There are a number of skills that look identical to Vicious Strike:

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