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I'm UrbanPie950 or just Matt, and I am an Admin on this wiki since 28/8/2018. I have adopted this Wiki, so I also have Bureaucrat rights.

I love Sonny 1 and 2, as Sonny 2 is easily my favourite flash game and it'd take effort to change my mind. I honestly consider Sonny 2 better than some actual fully made video games that had a higher budget. I even enjoyed the 2017 reboot, which from what I've seen, is a rather unpopular opinion but opinions are opinions, so don't worry if you disagree with me.

How I got into Sonny

Around 2016, I remembered "Classic" flash games (IE SHIFT, Karoshi Suicide and whatnot) that I use to play way back at 2009/2010, I remembered Sonny, that one Flash Game I remember seeing once but I never played. So I played it and well... I honestly enjoyed it! For a 2007/08 Flash Game, it still holds up to this very day.

Class Tier List

Sonny 1





Sonny 2




Ally Tier List

(Plsdon'tkillme. I also made this as more or less a joke but it's also from personal bias and opinion.)

S TIER - The lads

Veradux - A complete godsend as an ally. He scales wonderfully with the game and an overall cool guy.

Teco - He started out as a meme with me and a friend of mine but then I realise how powerful he can be. Especially if you use the item eating glitch.

A TIER - The semi-lads

Doctor Herregods - Very helpful as an ally.

Zakk - I like his appearance, the fact that he uses a shovel is good. Also his crit quotes.

B TIER - The good.

Felicity - Would be A tier but she dies way too quickly when you first get her, very helpful with speedruns, through.

Catelin - Only reason she's higher than Amber is that I used her as my first third party member and she works decently.

Amber - Basically a physical scaling Catelin. If it's not because Catelin was my first third party member, they would be equal.

C TIER - The bad.

Kara - Alright I'm gonna say this - Why didn't Krin bring back a reworked Felicity? She'd serve the same role as Kara. Only thing I like about Kara is one of her quotes. If memory works the quote "A Zed is always a Zed, no matter what" is pretty damn powerful. (SELF NOTE: Please change if that's wrong quote.)

Gligus - I wanted to play Sonny, not Earthbound, damnit! He messed up one of my saves since cripple reduces speed and omen used Doctor's Fury after cripple's debuff went out, so Omen was able to one hit a party member thanks to him.

This is also from descending order, so I think Veradux is better than Teco, despite them being S tier, for example.

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