Toxicant Form Animation Sonny 2 1

Toxicant Form Animation.

Toxicant Form is an active ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Morph into a deadly Toxicant for 4 turns. Increases your damage and Poison Piercing by 40%, and regenerates 20% of your total Health each turn.


Caster's damage increased and regenerates Health for 4 turns.


Toxicant Form: This unit is regenerating 20% of its maximum Health each turn. Poison Piercing and direct damage output increased by 40%. This effect cannot be dispelled.


  • Corrosion+Toxicant Form+Shadow Blend+Agile Exposure+Withdrawal, if all attribute points are spent on speed, this will deal massive damage.
  • Additionally, this ability can be really useful for a couple of things. One is regenerating health, as its cooldown is relatively low and it is a substantial heal. The other one is for a great buff as a Toxicant build biological class zombie. If you use Sample Blood, then Toxicant Form and then spam Envenom until the buff wears off or you use up your Infect (if any), with 4/4 Acidic Blood, you will deal really heavy damage without being a risk for you and prepping the enemy for a killing blow. Really good for bosses if you want flexible playing or you just want to play like you feel, instead of just going for the killer combo listed above.
  • It can also be helpful combined with Predator Form, as this combination allows for:
    • Massive health regen per turn
    • around 150% direct damage buff
    • 100 focus regen per turn
  • This allows for massive amounts of damage to be dealt with either tree of the Biological class, as well as helping punch straight through enemy shielding fairly easily, and destroying enemies for a quick and easy win. However,this combination should not be used if a damage dampening debuff is applied, as this will make this combination effectively worthless. It is better to wait for the debuff to wear off before executing this combo.


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