Tera Jungle is Zone Two in Sonny (2017). Introduced in Chapter 2: Mutation, it is a wild jungle filled with mutant wildlife and a few super-zombies. Dr. Herregods is also encountered here.

Enemies Edit

  • Jungle Walkers are the first enemy encountered. They are zombies that are heavily mutated, and look like giant walking mushrooms. They can Heal all their allies at once with Healing Wave and weaken a party member with Anaesthetic.
  • Venomancers are more Advanced Acid Zombies, reskinned to look more green. They can deal Nature damage with Wood Strike and apply deadly Venom with Widow's Sting.
  • Acid Bombers are giant bugs that act like-you guessed it-living acid bombs. After 3 turns, they explode and deal massive Nature damage along with deadly Venom
  • Treants are tough guys that can apply Super-Regeneration to a single ally with Rejuvenation and have the opportunity to deal massive damage with Deadly Wrap should you let them. They can also use Bio Rupture to reduce defense by half. Their bark definitely equals their bite.
  • Titans are heavily armored tanks that would probably be in boss levels of health, if it weren't for their Titan Rage. This move boosts their damage a lot but also makes them tanky as a birch tree. Titans are also capable of reducing defense by half with Titan Kick.

The Elders Edit

The Elders are minibosses encountered together as the Elder Titan and Elder Treant. They are variations of their respective enemy that were mutated even further through artificial means, causing the Titan's rocks to become crystals and the Treant to glow purple rather than blue.

The Corruptor Edit

The Corruptor is the boss of Tera Jungle and encountered at the end of Chapter Two: Mutation.

Shop Edit

Equipment Level Cost
Swift Blade 9 $
Gas Mask 9 $
Titan Armor 9
Venom Oil 9
Claw of Venom 9
Explorer's Hat 9
Jungle Armor 9
Bio Ring 9
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