Shatter Animation Sonny 2 1

Shatter Animation.

Shatter is an active ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Attack a target which is afflicted by at least 3 Ice debuffs, dealing X% of your Instinct as damage, with X chance to case the target to become fragile. Attempts to dispel 3 Ice debuffs.


Deals damage to a target, dispels 3 Ice debuffs, and has a chance to cast a debuff that allows the target to receive additional damage for 2 turns. Buff cannot stack. Can only be used on a target with 3 Ice buffs. Although only Debuff-type buffs are dispelled, other types can fulfil the casting criteria.


Fragile Glass: This unit receives 80% additional damage from all sources.


  • Tier 1: Deals damage with 300% Instinct + 25, and casts debuff for 20% chance
  • Tier 2: Deals damage with 350% Instinct + 25, and casts debuff for 40% chance
  • Tier 3: Deals damage with 400% Instinct + 25, and casts debuff for 60% chance
  • Tier 4: Deals damage with 450% Instinct + 25, and casts debuff for 80% chance


The three best abilities for creating debuffs in order to land this attack are:

  • Hypothermia: lasts long, but cannot stack. Debuffs speed making it more likely to hit.
  • Frost: lasts long, but cannot stack. Debuffs speed a lot.
  • Glacier: can stack, lasts quite long.

You should use this ability as often as you can, that means, using it when you don't need to keep the debuffs on an enemy. However, if you need those debuffs, you can use it when your opponent is low on health, in order to kill it fast. Also, don't worry if if it doesn't one-hit-kill your enemy: if it applies "fragile" status effect, your next attack will deal a quite higher damage.

This ability is the most powerful cold hydraulic attack.


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