For the similar skill used by Sinjid's Shadow, see Re-Energize (Enemy Skill 1).
For the skill that applies a buff to the caster, see Re-Energize (Enemy Skill 2).
For the skill that applies a buff to the caster's allies, see Re-Energize (Enemy Skill 3).
Re-Energize Animation Sonny 1 1

Re-Energize Animation.

Re-Energize is an active ability in Sonny.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Restores 40 Focus to a friendly unit.


Restores the caster's or its ally's Focus.



  • In Sonny, this ability has the highest level required before learning, excluding the 10th-tiered Blood Strike.
  • In Sonny, this ability also has the longest recharge rate of any skill learnable by Sonny.
  • This ability is very similar to the enemy-only ability also known as Re-Energize. However, the latter has a shorter cooldown and restores more focus, but cannot be used on allies.