Psychological (German: Psychologisch) is a class in Sonny 2. Players that use the Psychological class use abilities that deal either Lightning or Shadow damage, using Instinct as almost their only co-efficient. Only three Shadow abilities are based on Strength, namely Dark Infusion, Corruption and Nerve Shock.

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The Psychological Ability Tree focuses on Shadow or Lightning abilities sans two Physical, ally-buffing skills, like Destruction and Salvation, which increase your teammates damage and healing outputs respectively.

Shadow Tree (Psychopath) Edit

The Shadow build focuses on lowering enemy defenses and maximizing the use of debuffs that give Damage-Over-Time (DOT). It is mostly indirect, and takes several turns to deliver maximum damage output. Once at peak, however, it becomes threateningly high. Builds that focus on this tree are known in the community as "shadow psycho" builds.

Lightning Tree (Wraith) Edit

The Wraith is a notable contrast to that of the Psychopath; it centers on high and direct damage output and immediate Focus regeneration. It is important however, to note that some of these skills consequentially empower opponents, giving them an opportunity to retaliate. Builds that focus on this tree are known in the community as "shock" or "shocker psycho" builds.


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Dark EchoesPlaceboNerve ShockTerrifyDestructionBetrayalTraumatizeFree WillSalvationShock TherapyRetrogradeConfinementTenacityHigh VoltageOverdriveInsecurityElectrical StormCharged BloodElectron ChargeEpiphanyWraith FormNightmareHauntPsychopath FormShock ComaUltimatumSacrificeImplosionDark InfusionCorruptionModified Psychological Ability Tree Sonny 2 1
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