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This page is about Fan-made content.
This content you are about to read is a fan-made game/content and is an unofficial interpretation of the franchise's lore.

Only the Destroyer class is playable currently. The next version with the rest of the classes is expected to release this summer.


  • Rebalanced abilities, leveling, classes, items, teammates, enemies, and re-spec.
  • New abilities, enemies, stages, items, training fights, strategies, and story.
  • More accurate descriptions/info.
  • Fixes, bonuses, extras, references, easter eggs/secrets.

Link (MediaFire)[]

The mod can be played with Flash Player Projector.

Alternatively, use Flashpoint (watch this short tutorial if you don't know how to run your own files with it) or a flash player like the Newgrounds Player to run the swf file. You can also find a few reliable versions of Adobe Flash here if you're feeling classy.

Ruffle is still experimental but it seems to be able to run Sonny 1, 2, and the mod as well, albeit with moderate UI and other issues.


Modded by Utopissed.

Tools used: JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler, SOL Editor, and various free image editors.

Shoutouts to AdmiralBilly and Emayal for helping with the code early on.