Louis the Blind
Btn louisLouis, as seen by Sonny when he is brought back to lifeS1 LouisLouis in combat, in the first Sonny RPG
Level 99 (White November, stages 1 - 6)

0 (White November, stage 7)

Race Human
Appearance First few levels while on the White November
Allies Sonny
Voice Artist Andrew Dennis
I'm Louis. Just a friend. Can you walk?
~ Louis the Blind towards Sonny

Louis the Blind, or Louis, is a man Sonny gets to know at the very beginning of Sonny. He teaches the player how to fight and defend themselves to survive on the battlefield.


Not much is known about him. He probably was one of the passengers, or a part of the crew on-board the ship. From the way he talks to Sonny after he revives him, it is likely that he was Sonny's friend before death. Even though he is blind he somehow manages to "see" and explain to Sonny what to do in certain situation. He may have a link to Veradux, as he is in the same zombified state as Sonny is. He may be an Insurgent, like Roald, as they were trying to "find a cure to the condition."


At the last battle of Zone 1, he gets shot and mortally wounded by the ZPCI team and (though his body disappears in-game) lies bleeding on the ground. His last action is to transfer the Tape to Sonny, an object that becomes the focus of the second game. His body is presumably burned along with the White November as Sonny escapes on a speedboat.


  • If Sonny is defeated and Louis is attacked, he will never take any damage and will never use any moves, forcing players to quit to the main menu and reload the game from the last saved point.
  • Seeing that Louis probably revived Sonny, Veradux might have a connection with the crew on the White November. Sonny also might have been a cure researcher on the White November.
  • It is not known if Louis is actually blind. He can see/sense the zombies and the metabii but doesn't tell Sonny how.
  • Louis the Blind technically both the highest leveled party member when they joins Sonny's party and the lowest leveled party member since Louis the Blind levels down to 0 during White November's boss fight. However, it is possible, through hard work, to get Sonny, Veradux or another party member to level 100.
    • This could be because of how leveling up works in Sonny 1. At level 99 Louis would of been able to survive the shot since when a character level up, most of their stats increase.