Leading Strike Animation Sonny 2 1

Leading Strike Animation.

Leading Strike is an active ability in Sonny 2. It is a default ability for Biological class along with Destroy.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Attack the enemy for 170% of your Strength, and restores 50 Focus to you.


Deals damage to a target and restores the caster's Focus.


It deals moderate damage and is more accurate than other abilities, so you should use it against fast enemies if your speed is low. Also, is completely needed if you play the Predator build, as it will recover a lot of focus.

Being a basic attack, Leading Strike lacks a cooldown, allowing it to be used constantly in between higher cooldown attacks.

Other UsersEdit


  • Leading Strike uses the Hidden Buff Prepared.
  • Leading Strike is coded for the Tunnel Workers, but they never use it as the battle against them ends immediately.
  • Break (Sonny 2) and Slam's icon has a recolor to this ability.
  • Despite the name, this attack does not have priority over other attacks.

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