Integrity is a passive ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Passively restores X Focus and X% of your Life every turn.


Restores your Focus and Health.


  • Tier 1: Restores 10 Focus each turn
  • Tier 2: Restores 15 Focus and 1% of your total Health each turn
  • Tier 3: Restores 20 Focus and 2% of your total Health each turn
  • Tier 4: Restores 25 Focus and 3% of your total Health each turn


This passive buff, if upgraded to maximum, makes Leading Strike recover 75 focus, so you can cast Leading Strike just once and then Destroy, this allows you to deal heavy damage every other turn, since you recover 25 focus on the same turn you cast Destroy as well. Unfortunately, Focus only recovers after you perform your action, and destroy has a one turn CD, otherwise you could spam Destroy.

Toxicants benefit the most from this ability, as their abilities cost less focus, the more points spent on them. A toxicant with this ability at maximum can even eliminate the need for a Leading Strike.


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