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Hydraulic (German: Hydraulic) is a class in Sonny 2. Unlike other two classes, this class is exclusive to the game client in Armor Games. The Hydraulic class provides extensive diversity, allowing for much greater flexibility than the other two classes. The two main trees within the class are the hot and cold trees. Hot Hydraulic abilities are designed to maximize damage output using Strength as the only co-efficient, while cold abilities tend to focus more on defensive and disabling abilities.


Hot Hydraulic (Avenger) Edit

Most of the hot abilities are unlocked through the passive ability 'Hot Blooded', which increases Strength by 50% but also causes Sonny to lose 10 Focus per turn. As most of the attacks scale with the amount of Focus (though don't require any), a Hot Hydraulic character must constantly keep his Focus up for his attacks to be effective. However, Regulate at max can counteract this and if needed, you can use Vapour Cannon to gain Focus. Most hot Hydraulic abilities are physical element.

Cold Hydraulic (Guardian) Edit

The Guardian build uses both Instinct and Strength as a co-efficient. Cold Hydraulic uses almost entirely ice abilities, which will scale more with Instinct than Strength at higher levels. Some, like Shatter, will be based only on Instinct. The "Guardian"'s attacks tend to weaken and disable the opponent, such as Glacier and Flash Freeze.

The Guardian tends to have a lot of health, and abilities are available to resist damage and guard allies, such as Cold Neurology and Safe Guard. The Cold Hydraulic tends to control how the battle works and use it to keep allies alive and enemies unable to attack properly, similar to the Psychological class.

The Cold Hydraulic's abilities don't cost any focus at high levels. The Cold Hydraulic can easily recover with Restore or Vapour Cannon if needed.

Another way to play the guardian is to focus on Vitality exclusively and support your allies with skills from the center of the tree, including Restore, Safe Guard, Reconstruct, Mirage, Ice Wall, Dead Man's Plea and Stiff Upper Lip.


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FrostHypothermiaImpairBloodshedMind FreezeRestoreHot BloodedRegulateFlash FreezeReconstructSafe GuardWreckVascular ArrestIce WallMirageDemolishGlacierDead Man's PleaStiff Upper LipDecimateCrystal IceCold NeurologyWarm NeurologyLasting PainShatterGuardian FormAvenger FormSubversion (Sonny 2)Vapour CannonSlamAbility Tree Hydraulic Sonny 2 1
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