For the skill used by A.I.s in Sonny 2, see Guardian (Skill).

Guardian is one of the four classes that the player can choose from in the game Sonny. It is a hybrid class, based in both magic and physical strength, and has high vitality. Therefore, Guardians are very versatile in both offensive and defensive potential.


The attribute where the guardian class outshines all other classes is its vitality. This results in it having a very high amount of hit points. It is great at both offense and defense, and is also very versatile in both the physical and magic-based realms due to it having a good strength attribute and an above average magic attribute. All these abilities make this class by far the most flexible among the four classes.

The main weakness of the guardian class is its very low speed attribute, which makes its attacks comparatively inaccurate, and also results in it having low evasion and critical hit rate. In terms of offensive capabilities, its strength and magic is good, but none of the two attributes are as strong as that of the destroyer and gunslinger respectively, which reduces its potential to deal high amounts of consistent damage. The sole exceptions are the Electro Bolt and Flame Strike abilities, which take both strength and magic into account. However, its balanced approach more than makes up for these flaws.

Notable GuardiansEdit

S1 C Teco


After the end of the main story in the game Sonny, four characters are added to Sonny's team, all of whom start at level 12. No explanation is given as to how these characters came to join up with Sonny, since they are unrelated to the story, and they are not seen again in Sonny 2. One of these four characters is of the guardian class, and is named Teco.

Guardian EquipmentEdit

There is some equipment in the game Sonny which can only be equipped by characters of the guardian class.

S1 Ivory Shield - Ivory Shield

S1 Torment - Torment

S1 Balance - Balance

S1 Eternity - Eternity

S1 Guardian's Helm - Guardian's Helm

S1 Guardian's Armor - Guardian's Armor

S1 Guardian's Gloves - Guardian's Gloves

S1 Guardian's Leggings - Guardian's Leggings

S1 Guardian's Boots - Guardian's Boots

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