For the similar ability used by Clemons the Deceiver, see Disrupt (Enemy Skill).
Disrupt Animation Sonny 2 1

Disrupt Animation.

Disrupt is an active ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Shocks the target and destroys X Focus. Also attempts to dispel X buff(s) from the target of any element except Earth. Also causes the target to regenerate 30 Focus over time.


Reduces the amount of Focus a target currently has, dispels buffs currently on it and places a buff on it for 5 turns.


Shock Recovery: This unit is recovering 6 Focus each turn.


  • Tier 1: Costs 20 Focus, reduces target's Focus by 50, and dispels its 1 buff
  • Tier 2: Costs 15 Focus, reduces target's Focus by 100, and dispels its 2 buffs


  • Extremely useful against The Baron if it is fully upgraded, it can cause him to gain "Deep Burning" immediately. It is possible to get "Holy Scars" and "Deep Burning" stacked with this ability if it is used in succession. (It will dispel "Energized") causing the Baron to be easily defeated.
  • Due to its dispel abilities, Disrupt provides a niché with dealing with buffs such as Aim For The Heart or any debuffs inflected onto allies.

Other UsersEdit


  • Due to restrictions in the game code, North Guardian is unable to use this ability on enemies, but still uses it on South Guardian when the latter is low on Focus. Nostalgia circumvents this restriction by having the ability coded as Defensive.
  • This ability is nearly identical to it's A.I. Exclusive variant, however that skill can dispel Earth buffs and cannot be used on allies.
  • Traumatize and Disruption's icon has a recolor to this ability.
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