Destroyer is one of the four classes that the player can choose from in the game Sonny. It is a physical melee class, specializing in strength and endurance.


The attribute where the Destroyer class outshines all other classes is Strength. It is therefore best to attack physically. Destroyers have high vitality, resulting in high hit points, which makes their endurance great. Their damage output is usually high and consistent.

The main weakness of the destroyer class is its strong lack of potential in magic-based abilities, due to it having a poor amount of magic attribute in comparison. For the same reason, it also isn't good at utilizing healing abilities. They also have relatively inaccurate attacks due to having a lower than average speed attribute. The class also lacks any type of weapon for the secondary arms.

Notable DestroyersEdit

S1 C Gligus


After the end of the main story in the game Sonny, four characters are added to Sonny's team, all of whom start at level 12. No explanation is given as to how these characters came to join up with Sonny, since they are unrelated to the story, and they are not seen again in Sonny 2 (Minus Catelin and Teco who can appear by a glitch). One of these four characters is of the destroyer class, and is named Gligus. There is an enemy that is possibly a Destroyer due to wielding a Destroyer-exclusive weapon, and that is Baron Brixius.

Destroyer EquipmentEdit

There is some equipment in the game Sonny which can only be equipped by characters of the destroyer class.

S1 Steel Slicer - Steel Slicer

S1 Cannibal's Hunger - Cannibal's Hunger

S1 Destruction - Destruction

S1 Knight's Helm - Knight's Helm

S1 Destroyer's Helm - Destroyer's Helm

S1 Knight's Armor - Knight's Armor

S1 Destroyer's Armor - Destroyer's Armor

S1 Knight's Gloves - Knight's Gloves

S1 Destroyer's Gloves - Destroyer's Gloves

S1 Knight's Leggings - Knight's Leggings

S1 Destroyer's Leggings - Destroyer's Leggings

S1 Knight's Boots - Knight's Boots

S1 Destroyer's Boots - Destroyer's Boots

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