Destroy Animation Sonny 2 1

Destroy Animation.

Destroy is an active ability in Sonny 2. It is a default ability for Biological class along with Leading Strike.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Attack the enemy for 420% of your Strength.


Deals damage to a target. Critical chance of attack increased by 3.1.


With the passive skill Integrity at max level, this skill together with Leading Strike can be used half of your turns. Leading strike will now recover 75 focus and you will always have 25 left, being able to cast Destroy as soon as its cooldown empties. This makes a very powerful, simple combo for strength builds that is specially useful at the beginning of the game, but loses efficiency later on on the higher difficulty settings.

Another good option is keeping it on your ability bar to use it as a killing blow if you are on a hurry or if you want to take out a weaker enemy in a single blow.


  • Agile Exposure's icon is same of this ability's icon, but has different color.
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