Crystallize Animation Sonny 2 1

Crystallize Animation.

Crystallize is an active ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Crystallizes the target, shielding it from all damage, but also stunning it for X turns.


Stuns a target and shields it for 500% of the caster's Life + 10.


Crystallized: This unit is stunned, but also shielded from damage.


  • Tier 1: Stuns target for 2 turns
  • Tier 2: Stuns target for 3 turns
  • Tier 3: Stuns target for 4 turns


At max level, this ability can keep an enemy stun-locked, which can prove very useful at higher difficulty settings.

Combined with DOT poison moves like Envenom and Infect, you can deal damage in between, just as the target gets rid of the Crystallize debuff, right before you Crystallize them again. This takes time but is essentially an auto-win in any fight against a single opponent.


  • The buff for this ability causes a visual effect.
  • The 'Green Ice' target effect is unique to this ability.
  • The ability's in-game description is wrong about the amount of shielded damage. (As seen above.)
  • This is an ability that shields but doesn't use the shield animation, the other one is Desperate Shield. Desperate Shield is also a shielding ability while stunned.
  • For some reason the visual effect of this ability isn't visible if Reloading and/or Guns Blazing is present on the affected unit.
  • Due to a bug, this effect replenishes shields provided by buffs. This is important against the City Council and the Twin Guardians who shield themselves with a very long buff at the beginning of the fight. If you try to use it on one after you depleted their shield, their shield will be back to full after the stun expires. Keep that in mind when facing those foes.
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