Veradux CM; Sonny 2

Veradux in full combat medic uniform, as he appears in Sonny 2

Combat Medic is a class in Sonny and Sonny 2. It is never assigned to Sonny. The most notable member is Veradux.


Combat Medic's stats differ between Sonny and Sonny 2. In Sonny, Combat Medic specializes in Strength. In Sonny 2, its stats are balanced.

Combat Medic's Strength is co-efficient for offensive skills and Magic/Instinct for healing spells. It focuses mostly on healing teammates; in that sense, Combat Medics are at their best when healing teammates and should mainly be used as support in offensive situations.

List of Combat MedicsEdit

The most notable and well-known combat medic is Sonny's closest companion, Veradux, though there are several
S1 C Veradux


other Combat medics that appear as well.

They are:

Combat Medic EquipmentEdit

There is some equipment in each game which can only be equipped by characters of the Combat Medic class.


S1 ZPCI Med-Wear A - ZPCI Med-Wear A

S1 ZPCI Med-Wear B - ZPCI Med-Wear B

S1 ZPCI Med-Wear C - ZPCI Med-Wear C

S1 ZPCI Med-Wear D - ZPCI Med-Wear D

S1 ZPCI Med-Wear E - ZPCI Med-Wear E

Sonny 2Edit

Medic-B Helm Sonny 2 2 - Medic-B Helm

Surgeon's Visage Sonny 2 1 - Surgeon's Visage

Medic-B Armor Sonny 2 1 - Medic-B Armor

Surgeon's Shelter Sonny 2 1 - Surgeon's Shelter

Medic-B Gloves Sonny 2 1 - Medic-B Gloves

Surgeon's Dexterity Sonny 2 1 - Surgeon's Dexterity

Medic-B Legs S2 - Medic-B Legs

Surgeon's Leggings Sonny 2 1 - Surgeon's Leggings

S2 Medic-B Boots - Medic-B Boots

Surgeon's Boots Sonny 2 1 - Surgeon's Boots

S2 Storm Rifle - Storm Rifle


  • In Sonny, Combat Medic actually has higher base Strength than Destroyer, despite the fact that Destroyer specializes in Strength.
  • In Sonny 2, the Combat Medic is the only playable class in the game to have gear that is class-locked to them.
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