Captain Vendara is a antagonist boss/mini-boss in The Silver Strand and the ZPCI Headquarters.

In The Silver Strand, Vendara cannot kill Sonny or Veradux; the battle ends on the start of Sonny's 2nd turn (uncertain, needs confirmation).

HP: 69625

Power: 1790

Defense: 1326

Speed: 1326

Critical hits do 1.5x damage (after defense).

Attack, Frost Nova and Scatter Shot all use the same damage formula. Note that at 50% power (via Weaken, courtesy of Dr. Herregods), 2005 damage => 1003 [Vit: 760, Def: 933]. Damage is rounded up, and Defense does not flatly subtract from the damage.

Trapping Shot appears to do 1.2x damage of the above (2005 x 1.5 = 2406, actual damage is 2407).

Attack: Physical | Basic Attack | Deals [unknown formula] damage.

Strike Order: Shadow | 5? Cooldown | Deals [unknown formula] damage and applies Strike Mark.

  • Strike Mark: This unit takes 200% extra damage. 2 Turns. 1 Charge.
  • Strike Order appears to scale slightly with the target's HP (whether it be the HP or Vitality value); it does more damage against targets with higher Vit. It does not scale with the target's Speed or Power, this was tested.
  • With 846 Defense | 674 Vit = 1996; 760 Vit = 2141
  • With 933 Defense | 674 Vit = 1860; 760 Vit = 1995 | 1456

Trapping Shot: Frost | 5? Cooldown | Deals [unknown formula] damage and applies Stun.

  • Stun: Unit is stunned and cannot act. 1 Turn.

Frost Nova: Frost | 5? Cooldown | Targets all enemies. Deals [unknown formula] damage, drains all Focus and applies Slow.

  • Slow: Speed reduced by 35%. 3 Turns.

Scatter Shot: Fire | 5? Cooldown | Targets all enemies. Deals [unknown formula] damage and drains all Focus.

First Aid: Nature |50? Cooldown | Heals 300% Power.

Strategy Edit

It is highly advised that Sonny has over 1326 Speed to outspeed Vendara under normal circumstances; over 2040 speed is necessary to still outspeed Vendara after being hit by Frost Nova (without any buffs on Sonny / debuffs on Vendara).

Captain Vendara is very powerful; he has 2 abilities that not only does damage but also drops the target's Focus back to 0.

The main combo to beware is Frost Nova > Scatter Shot > any other attack. Without proper preparation, this combo is a guarenteed 3-hit combo on your team, which may possibly result in the death of an ally.

Be sure to use an ability that either reduces healing received or Power when Vendara approaches/passes 50% HP; on his turn Vendara will use his healing ability to heal for 300% Power.

Make sure all allies are able to take the 3 hit combo without dying (or if they naturally have over 2040 speed, make sure they have enough Vitality and Defense to survive 1 or 2 hits).

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