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Attributes appear in Sonny and Sonny 2 and can affect a character in a wide variety of ways. These include effectiveness of abilities, life, piercing, accuracy, and evasiveness.

Each attribute can be increased by equipping a character with an equipment, by applying Attribute points earned by leveling up, or by simply leveling up. In Sonny, you earn 1 Attribute point per level. In Sonny 2, you earn various amount of Attribute points per level.

Re-spec can be used to redistribute Attribute points. In Sonny, you should take caution in using Re-spec. At the beginning of the game, two extra points are already given to both of Sonny's Strength and Speed regardless of class; using Re-spec will cause you to lose those extra points. In Sonny 2, using Re-spec will grant you 19 extra Attribute points to distribute regardless of class; this only happens once in each game.

After each level up, the game grants you 4 attribute points that you can spend in Sonny 2 . It's recommended to spend them when you level up.


Vitality determines the character's total health or life points. It is also used by some abilities. In Sonny, a character's health points are equal to 8 times their vitality points and in Sonny 2, it is 33 times.


Strength has no passive effect. It acts as a co-efficient for certain abilities, normally melee-themed ones.



Magic appears in Sonny and has no passive effect. It acts as a co-efficient for certain abilities, mostly magic-themed ones.


Instinct appears in Sonny 2 and entirely replaces the 'Magic' attribute seen in Sonny. The only difference between the two is their names.


Speed determines the character's accuracy and evasiveness. It is a factor in determining the chance that the character will score a critical hit and provides a small damage increase, as all elemental piercings are passively increased by 50% of a unit's Speed. It is also a co-efficient in some abilities, such as Master Strike.


Focus is a stat in Sonny and Sonny 2. It is used by most abilities, such as Smash, and scales with others, such as Demolish. Some items can increase and abilities can increase max focus, and some abilities can decrease max focus.

Focus is the equivalent of MP (Magic Points) in most other RPGs, and is spent when Sonny uses a powerful offensive or defensive ability. Some abilities use no focus.

Some abilities can decrease use of focus with each upgrade, and others can passively give Sonny Focus regeneration (such as Integrity).

Piercing and DefenseEdit

There are a number of minor Piercings and Defenses attributes in the games.