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Anesthetic Animation.

Anesthetic is an active ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Attack the enemy for 10% of your Strength and Instinct. Also reduces the target's damage by X%, causes the target to lose Focus and suffer damage equal to 30% of your Strength for 4 turns. This effect has a X% chance to resist being dispelled. This effect cannot stack.


Attack the enemy, placing a buff for 4 turns which reduces its damage and destroys Focus and Health. Has certain chance to resist being dispelled.


Anesthetic: This unit's direct damage output is reduced by X%. Also suffering damage equal to 30% of the attacker's Strength, and losing X Focus each turn. This effect cannot stack.


  • Tier 1: Reduces target's damage by 28% and deducts 3 Focus each turn; 10% chance to resist dispelling
  • Tier 2: Reduces target's damage by 32% and deducts 4 Focus each turn; 20% chance to resist dispelling
  • Tier 3: Reduces target's damage by 36% and deducts 5 Focus each turn; 30% chance to resist dispelling
  • Tier 4: Reduces target's damage by 40% and deducts 6 Focus each turn; 40% chance to resist dispelling


Extremely useful ability for the Toxicants, mostly due to the 40% damage reduction. It is absolutely irreplaceable against hounds, Tunnel Beasts and many other enemies that deal a lot of damage

It is also a decent focus draining ability, albeit at a very slow pace. However, it doesn't make the enemy recover focus, like disrupt does.

Finally, it combines very well with all the other poison abilities due to profiting from the increase in Poison Piercing Acidic Blood provides, as well as dealing DOT on the target.

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