Acidic Blood is a passive ability in Sonny 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Passively increases your Poison Piercing by X% and an additional X.


Increased damage of the Poison attributed abilities.


  • Tier 1: Poison Piercing increased by 150% and and an additional 40
  • Tier 2: Poison Piercing increased by 200% and and an additional 60
  • Tier 3: Poison Piercing increased by 250% and and an additional 80
  • Tier 4: Poison Piercing increased by 300% and and an additional 100


While the increase in Poison Piercing is massive and guarantees a critical hit with your poison attacks, it only affects the direct damage these attacks deal. Even at Tier 4, your poison attacks won't deal enough direct damage against enemies of the same or higher level to be of much use. However, it becomes especially useful when training in Zone 6, as, if you reach level 30 and surpass your opponents' level as a result, this passive ability will make your poison attacks deal insane amounts of direct damage (even more than 1500 for example), depending on the enemy's level. As such, it is better to invest in this ability only after you finish the first 5 zones. Even against enemies at the same level your poison attacks can deal approximately 700 direct damage (depending on your strength and Instinct) which is a major increase from the 10% Strength and Instinct these attacks normally deal.
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