The list of Achivements attainable in Sonny 2017.

Patient Zero: Complete Patient Zero Zone.

Landfall: Complete The Silver Strand Zone.

Mutation: Complete Tera Jungle Zone.

Into the Fire: Complete Firewell Factory Zone.

The Hidden Forest: Complete The Hidden Forest Zone.

Angel of Light: Complete Thunder Labs Zone.

The Ghost Baron: Complete Blackhall Keep Zone.

The Hornet's Nest: Complete ZPCI Stronghold Zone.

The Art of Combo: Defeat Vileclaw without using the basic Strike ability.

  • Make sure you have high enough Defense and Vitality to take his heavy strike without dying, as well as Break to stop Vileclaw from OHKOing an ally.

True Friend: Use your Regenerate ability on an ally.

Impact: Deal 20,000 damage in a single hit.

  • Easily achieved with the Fire Strain; have over 1500~ Power, use Blast (5/5) after an ability that applies Breach (Magma Beam is one). If extra power is needed, either get Annihilation and/or evolve Blast with Impact (increase critical damage by 100%); if you already have more than enough power to deal the damage, evolve it with Sharpen (increased chance to critically hit) / Pierce (ignores defense and 10% increased damage)

Physiotherapy: Beat the game only using the Physical Tree.

R & D: Use all evolutions at least once.

  • Different strains will have different evolutions; this achievement therefore requires multiple playthroughs to unlock.

Blacksmith: Level up an item to max level.

  • Easily done by upgrading the broken pipe you buy in the tutorial zone.

Adamant: Beat the game without respecing your skills.

  • If you've beaten the game before, just do it again, knowing what you need to get through the game.

Augmentation: Evolve the same skill 3 times in a single fight.

Sting Like A Bee: Execute a basic attack 200 times.

Spectrum: Gain 5% bonus damage from 3 different strains.

Watch The World Burn: Defeat the War Lizard without using a single attack.

  • As Kara points out, the War Lizard will eventually kill itself due to its DOT passive. Using Veradux and Dr. Herregods, simply tank the damage the War Lizard deals. Just using Guard and Recover when needed will easily get you through.

Spellbreaker: Defeat Leon the Inquisitor without using any allies.

  • With some luck, this can be done on a Physiotherapy run. Either kill both wolves before Leon sacrifices one of them, or have an ability (preferably 2) evolved with Barrier before Leon sacrifices a wolf. If you depend on Barrier for success, be sure to kill one of the wolves before Leon sacrifices a wolf. Barrier will protect you from Leon's buff period, since it will most likely speed through before your Barrier expires.
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