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An example of abilities on the Combat Action Bar.

Abilities are the means by which characters fight and defend themselves in battle. There are many different abilities that do many different things, providing the flexibility required to adjust to almost any playing style. Whenever Sonny levels up, he gains one ability point to spend in the ability tree. Ability points can be reset through re-specing, which either costs in-game money or can only be done a limited amount per real-time day, depending on the game in question.

Types of AbilitiesEdit

There are two different types of abilities: active and passive.

Active abilities are abilities that require activation within the battle, requiring a cost in focus, health, or neither.

Passive abilities are abilities that are always "on" in combat. So, they don't need to be activated manually and will always be active. Also, they don't take up space on your actions ring.

Both types of abilities can be obtained through the skill tree.

Sonny AbilitiesEdit

In Sonny, there is only one ability tree across all four character classes, and it is possible to Re-spec for free up to five times per real-time day.

Click on any icon in the ability tree to be taken to its page.

SmashIron SkinAggressionMagic BoltWound (Sonny)RegenerationHeroic MotivationElectro BoltBreak (Sonny)Reform (Sonny)Block (Sonny)InterventionDisruptionBlood FocusSolidityFlame BlastSunderFlame StrikeBlood StrikeShatter Bolt (Sonny)Master StrikeCrippleEndurance (Sonny)Void (Sonny)Coup De GraceBrutalityRe-EnergizeSubversion (Sonny)Quick Strike (Sonny)Supression (Sonny)Sonny 1 Ability Tree
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Sonny 2 AbilitiesEdit

In Sonny 2, each of the three classes has its own separate ability tree. Re-specing costs money (in game), with the price increasing with your increasing level; however, it can be performed as many times as you want. The player also starts the game with 5 ability points while at Level 1, unlike in the first game.

Click on any icon in one of three ability trees below to be taken to its page.


Dark EchoesPlaceboNerve ShockTerrifyDestructionBetrayalTraumatizeFree WillSalvationShock TherapyRetrogradeConfinementTenacityHigh VoltageOverdriveInsecurityElectrical StormCharged BloodElectron ChargeEpiphanyWraith FormNightmareHauntPsychopath FormShock ComaUltimatumSacrificeImplosionDark InfusionCorruptionModified Psychological Ability Tree Sonny 2 1
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Vicious StrikeIntegrityAnimalismSlashBreak (Sonny 2)AdrenalineEnrageCorrosionDisruptWound (Sonny 2)Reform (Sonny 2)EnvenomSavageryImmobilizeInfectAnestheticPredator FormSample BloodWithdrawalToxicant FormAgile ExposureSharp SensesEndurance (Sonny 2)Acidic BloodShadow Blend (Sonny 2)EvolutionSubversion (Sonny 2)CrystallizeLeading StrikeDestroyAbility Tree Biological Sonny 2 1
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FrostHypothermiaImpairBloodshedMind FreezeRestoreHot BloodedRegulateFlash FreezeReconstructSafe GuardWreckVascular ArrestIce WallMirageDemolishGlacierDead Man's PleaStiff Upper LipDecimateCrystal IceCold NeurologyWarm NeurologyLasting PainShatterGuardian FormAvenger FormSubversion (Sonny 2)Vapour CannonSlamAbility Tree Hydraulic Sonny 2 1
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Sonny has access to two additional skills during the tutorial:

A.I Exclusive AbilitiesEdit

In Sonny and Sonny 2, there are many abilities that can be used by the teammates and enemies that Sonny himself is not able to use. See the page, A.I. Exclusive Abilities for the complete list.


  • Only Melee and Bolt type skills can miss. Non-bolt magic skills always hit their target.
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